Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 24, 25: Grapefruit, Cauliflowers & some rest

Got a bit behind on posts!

Week 24 Babies were the size of Grapefruit. This week, Week 25 they are the size of Cauliflowers.

Everyone is doing fine. I've been in the Hospital for observation since last Friday morning. The plan is for me to stay through this Friday and if nothing changes, the Peas and I will be heading home.

Early last week, ultrasound results showed my cervix had shortened a bit. Then on Friday at my Perinatologist appointment we realized I was 2cm dilated so it was off to the Hospital from there. I was given steroids to help the babies lungs develop more quickly and put on anti-contraction medication. I've been resting and monitored closely for preterm labor since then. Nothing has progressed any further- so that is great and the kiddo's are all looking good.

Mini Cribs arrived and are simple, classic & pretty darn cute!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 22: One Pound Bananas

Babies are as long as Large Bananas.

We had an ultrasound today. All the babies are doing great and weigh at least 1 pound. Our big guy Snap Pea weighs 1 lb 4 oz,  Sweet Pea is 1 lb 2 oz and Sugar Pea is 1 lb. During the ultrasound, we could pretty much see Sugar Pea kicking Sweet Pea in the head. Oops.

Papa Pea Profile

Snap Pea Profile
 Snap Pea Face

Sweet Pea Profile with Sugar Pea's foot right about to kick her in the face.
Sweet Pea Face

Sugar Pea Profile
Sugar Pea Face