Monday, October 29, 2012

16 Weeks Old: October 28, 2012

Serafina, Edison & Giuliana turned 16 Weeks Old yesterday (3 weeks adjusted).

As we approach their first Halloween, the kiddos went to a Halloween neighborhood block party as peas in the pod of course. It was their first time being introduced to many of our neighbors.We discovered that their Pea costumes double as nice warm zippy sleeping bags and put the kids to sleep. They love them. We may continue to use them after Halloween for sleepiness! We now threaten to "Pod" them when they are noisy at night. Daddy's costume is Swedish Chef and Mommy's is housewife Bettie Baker.

This week we learned Preemie specific exercises to build neck strength and alternatives to Tummy Time. Since Preemies have been able to see the world around them, they especially hate Tummy Time because it limits their vision.

Dorie Dog decided the Baby Papasan looked like a nice sunny spot.
Thanks Eddie! Such a helpful Boy.
Triple Trios went for a walk this week. 
We all had a great time, definitely got some looks from people in the neighborhood.
Nonni Lynda's visit is coming to an end, she has been very helpful!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

15 Weeks Old: October 21, 2012

The bubbas turned 15 weeks old today, 2 weeks adjusted (after their 40 wk due date). They are doing fantastic! Great little eaters all around. They are quickly moving up in clothing sizes and I'll bet at their next weight check we will have some impressive numbers.

We had a lot of fun embracing fall in this week's pictures. The pumpkins were grown by Matt in our garden.

Our little ladies have now started to party from 10pm to midnight. Not so appreciated by a sleepy household. Edison has become a 4am early bird. As much as we want to let them all nap during the day, we are quickly changing our tune and looking for an OK from their Pediatrician to play with them more during the day in hopes of getting some sleep.
 This week the babies have started to track movement with their eyes. They can follow slow moving objects and enjoy looking at bright colors- so they're already a step ahead of Daddy. Eddie and Daddy, above, have different ideas of what is most interesting.

Original Baby Hair is falling out and their true hair is slowly growing in. We're still wondering who will end up with Daddy's curly hair!

Nicknames of the week are Smacky-Doo, Bubbles and Chuckles. Serafina smacks when she is hungry or if you have her take a break during meals. Giuliana makes little mouth bubbles. Edison is still making his funny Preemie noises.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

14 Weeks Old: October 14, 2012

Edison, Giuilana & Serafina turned 14 weeks old today.

 Grandma Margaret finished her visit and Nonni Lynda and Grandpa Mike joined us.
Gigi and Grandpa Mike
Nap Time for Nonni and Gigi

Mommy tried feeding everyone at the same time. It works! They were so good about it. But we still have more fun when friends and family are here to spend time with them during feedings. Thank You to all the wonderful Aunties who have been helping out so much lately :) Elroy Kitty thinks he is helpful too.

We've discovered that Bath Time is good for more than getting everyone clean... it helps quite a lot with making everyone sleepy. Lots of Bath Time!

We also make sure we have lots of Silly Time.

All in All A Very Good Week Was Had

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7th, 2012: 13 Weeks Old & Happy 40 Week Due Date

If the bambinos had made it to their 40 weeks due date (triplets never do), they would have been born today. They are 13 weeks old and doing great. It was a big week for everyone!

Weight checks: Giuliana is 8lbs 4oz, Eddie is 7lbs 8oz and Serafina is 6lbs 3oz.
Gigi has moved on to 0-3 month clothes. Edison can fit into either newborn or 0-3 and Lizzie is rockin' newborns.

Uncle Andy and Aunt Carey visited and were very helpful feeding and playing with the babies.

The babies went to their first Libarle Crush. Give them a couple of years and they will be right in there playing with all the grapes. This year just Daddy got in grape fights. Twenty-one years and the kids can be drinking Home Brew.

Friday was a big day of firsts. Gigi rolled over, Grandma heard Lizzie say "O" and Eddie pooped in the bath tub. Memorable on all accounts.