Sunday, April 28, 2013

42 Weeks Old: April 28, 2013 - Butter & Eggs Day

Our Three French Hens are 42 weeks old today.

Yesterday was Butter & Eggs Day in Petaluma, always one of our favorite events of the year! The trio won 3rd place (so appropriate!) in the Cutest Little Chick contest. Our Three French Hens did so well in their first large crowd of people. Nap time fell right in the middle of the festivities so Eddie & Gigi were asleep to accept their ribbon.

Eddie's Teef... finally got a good view.

Have a Wonderful Week!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

41 Weeks Old: April 21, 2013

Edison, Giuliana and Serafina turned 41 weeks old on Sunday.
Serafina is our little acrobat. She loves being upside down and rough housing with Daddy.

We've been having nice warm weather so the kids have been enjoying time in the backyard.

Everyone is able to scoot backwards. Watch out world, crawling forward will be their next step. 
Gigi gets a couple inches of clearance under her tummy when up on her hands and knees (but neither Matt or I have been able to catch it with a camera).

Carrots were the latest new food. Edison will eat them but isn't a big fan.

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

40 Weeks Old: April 14, 2013

Serafina, Edison & Giuliana turned 40 weeks old on Sunday.

The trio had their 9 month check up today but yay for No Shots this time. Their Dr. H is very happy with their progress and has given the go ahead for continuing to expand their diet and begin offering water in sippy cups. 
Everyone really enjoys Pears.

Weights & Heights:
Giuliana 2ft 3.5in 21lb 4oz
Edison 2ft 3in 23lb 7.8oz
Serafina 2ft 2in 16lb 15.3oz
Edison continues to wear his helmet. He is quite proud of himself for sitting up (just needs a little help to get up and bobs a little). Yesterday, his two lower front teeth broke through the surface. Quite an ordeal for the poor guy but should be looking cute once they really come in. Lots of frozen pacis in our freezer. Not a great view of teeth in this video but the best he'll let me do.

Serafina has been having a little stranger danger from time to time. She especially loves solid foods.  The Pop toy and Exersaucer continue to be particular favorites.

Giuliana also has a bit of stranger danger. She is trying sitting up but isn't quite as excited about the idea as Eddie is.
All kiddos are getting a lot more hair. As we've thought for a while, it appears Gigi will have straight hair and Eddie and Serafina look as if they will go in the curly direction.

Thanks to Nonni Lynda for all her help during her fun visit last week!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9 Months Old! April 8, 2013

Giuliana, Edison & Serafina turned 9 months old yesterday!

Edison's helmet is already helping his head shape considerably.

Last week Peas were the new menu item. We will try Pears next.

Everyone loves the ExerSaucer and Pop Toy!

The kid's wardrobe is entering a navy and white phase for Spring. Eddie is too big for some 18 month clothes. Gigi is sporting 18 month. Serafina is in 12 month.

The trio enjoyed meeting a lot of the Barbour family during the Easter celebration at Aunt Doris' house.