Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 20: Canteloupes, Bump Photos, Nursery Pics

Babies are the size of Small Cantaloupes.

Bump Watch Week 20 is in full effect. A complete stranger yelled across a parking lot to tell me "what a cute bump!"

The Empty Nursery: Light Mint Green walls or "Pistachio Ice Cream" according to the paint guy (Matt is apparently flying now...).
Nursery Curtain Fabric: Amy Butler Love Collection "Paradise Garden Mint". I've had my eye on this print for a while. Where better than a Nursery to use it? Pretty sure Matt would veto it anywhere else in the house, too. Floor to Ceiling curtains coming soon.

Week 19: Mangos and Initials

Babies are the size of Large Mangoes.

We're going to keep their names under wraps, but we do have them picked out. Here's what we will share about their names:
  • Just like Matt and I they'll all have Berrio as a second middle name. 
  • None of the names show up on any of the Top Baby Names lists that we've seen. 
  • Not all of their nickname initials match up with their true first initials. 
  • One of each of the baby's names is a family name or nickname.
Feel free to guess if you'd like... but we're still not telling :)


(You'll note that Walker and Texas Ranger did not appear in the list - sorry Uncle Pat)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 18: It's a Boy and 2 Girls!

Babies are about the size of Sweet Potatoes or Chicken Breasts.

At our ultrasound today we learned that we are having a Boy and 2 Girls! YAY!!

A- Snap Pea - Is a Boy
 Boy's Profile (his mouth is open)
 Boy's Face (he might be skeletor from He-Man)
 Proof! It's a Boy

B- Sweet Pea - Is a Girl
 Girl's Profile
 Girl's Profile (could be an alien)
 Proof! It's a Girl (The only way we can tell is that I happened to have a label in my womb)

C- Sugar Pea - Is a Girl
 Girl's Profile
Girl's Face (could be a predator without it's mask)

You're Just Going to Have to Trust us that C is a Girl.

Bragging Rights go to Grandma Lynda, Matt & I, Devin and Lynora for guessing the genders correctly. Bonus points to Grandma Lynda for actually guessing each baby correctly A, B & C. Wow!.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It was the Best of Days, It was the Worst of Days aka Realizing We Need a Mini Van

The Good Stuff
Had a wonderful morning having coffee with Tomoko, a triplet Mom. She has 2 girls and a boy who turn 7 next week and live in Sonoma. It was so nice to make contact in person with someone who has been through the baby years and survived with their sense of humor in tact (and she looks amazing)! She's on her second minivan and loves it.

It's raining triplet Moms. I also made contact with the Sonoma County Mothers of Multiples group and learned that one Mom with trips under 1 year pretty much lives in our neighborhood. Hoping I can meet her and learn from her experience. Heading to a meeting of theirs later this week to meet the ladies. (Big Thanks to Katie for putting me in contact).

The "Bad" Stuff (not really, but I will soon "Give up on Life" and get a Mini Van)
We started our car search last weekend. As much as I was pulling for an SUV to win out- it's not looking good. We quickly realized that to fit our amazing stroller system the following cars were out: Tahoe, Yukon, Denali. The Honda Pilot which technically can fit the stroller frame would mean awkwardly lifting it now and when we have the toddler seats in use later on, I don't think that and all the kids stuff will necessarily fit.

So here we are... a place I really really hoped never to be: shopping for a Mini Van. Aaarg! I do realize this will make all our lives easier and after picking some obnoxious things based on looks (Dutchie Dog, anyone?) I'm not doing it this time. So its either an 8 passenger Sienna or Odyssey. Yuck. Here is how the stroller and toddler seats will fit.

Oh, and next Monday we have an Ultrasound where we may find out genders, YAY!!  
Any Guesses?