Sunday, July 29, 2012

3 Weeks Old: July 29, 2012

Today the babies are three weeks old. They are all growing and doing well. 
We expect they will spend another 8 weeks or so in the NICU. Eddie got his IV out this week and Gigi may follow him any day. Lizzie will hopefully be re-extubated tomorrow.

 2lb 9.5oz

 2lb 8.9oz

1lb 15oz

 Matt Holding Giuliana

Serafina Cozy and Covered Up

 Edison Napping

 Em Holding Edison
Em this week, 3 Weeks After Delivery. 
I looked back through old photos and the closest one I could find to how I look now is Week 16 of Pregnant Bump Watch, so I put that one in below for comparison. 
Em 16 Weeks Pregnant 

Monday, July 23, 2012

2 Weeks Old: July 22, 2012

The Bambinos are 2 weeks old! Everyone is doing very well. They will still occasionally have little set backs, but nothing serious or unexpected. We are getting into a NICU routine and adjusting to the every two to four hours pumping schedule at home (good practice for not getting a whole lot of sleep in a row).

Edison has found his voice (he previously sounded more like a cat than a baby) and isn't afraid to let us know when he doesn't like how he is positioned. I changed his diaper (my first... ever).

2 lbs 5 oz

2 lbs 3 oz

1 lb 14 oz

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ten Days Old: July 18, 2012

The babies are ten days old today. Matt and I have been visiting them daily since I was discharged from the hospital last week. We are really enjoying being able to hold them during "kangaroo care".

We figured we owe some more photos, especially because the NICU isn't a visitor accessible place (they really have to be so careful about potential germs). For all those people familiar with Sofie the Giraffe, she's in some pics to give perspective on their sizes. The kids have had little blips here and there but are all doing well!

Edison & Giraffe July 18, 2012
Giuliana & Giraffe July 18, 2012
Serafina & Giraffe July 18, 2012
Em & Eddie July 18, 2012
Matt & Gigi July 18, 2012
Serafina July 18, 2012
Gigi holding Matt's finger July 12, 2012
Going home from the Hospital July 11, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome Eddie, Gigi & Lizzie - July 8th 2012!

On Sunday morning, July 8th, Matt and I welcomed the triplets bright and early. "Snap Pea" Edison Manolo (Eddie) was born at 5:24am quickly followed by "Sweet Pea" Giuliana Michelle (Gigi) and "Sugar Pea" Serafina Elizabeth (Lizzie) at 5:25am. Everyone is doing great!

Eddie (Baby A - "snap pea")

 Eddie weight 2.2lbs, length 15in, Apgar 4/8.5
Eddie's long fingers

Gigi (Baby B - "sweet pea")

Gigi weight 2.1lbs, length 14in, Apgar 4/8.5
Emily getting to touch Gigi for the first time

Lizzie (Baby C - "sugar pea")

Lizzie weight 1.75lbs, length 13 1/2 in, Apgar 8/9
Mom and Dad getting to touch Lizzie for the first time

The babies are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), of course, but they are all doing well. They were all intobated breathing room air assisted through standard ventilators yesterday. As of this morning Eddie and Gigi are "extobated" (meaning their breathing tubes are out and they are attempting to breath with little CPAP machines).  Lizzie is still intobated but they hope to take her off tomorrow.  They are each in a cozy covered isolette and are under UV light therapy.  Yesterday evening and this morning I was able to see and touch the munchkins in the NICU. They are precious!

They are planning to discharge me from the hospital this Wednesday assuming nothing changes between today and then.  The babies are going to be here for 8-10 weeks while they gain weight and improve their lung function.  For those that asked, you can visit me in the hospital any time before 8pm, but they probably wont let you in the NICU yet to see the babies.  If you want to visit, give Matt a call and he'll tell you all the details

 The long version of the birth

Things progressed shockingly quickly on Saturday evening prompting the trio's arrival on the first day of week 27 of the pregnancy. My condition had been stable in the hospital up until Saturday 2cm dilated and 90% effaced.  Since things were going so smooth, Matt and I decided to have a "date night"- indian food and a movie =)  During the movie, I started noticing more frequent contraction that grew stronger during the evening.  We called in the nurses and they monitored things for a while.  At some point it became obvious the contractions were being more regular, so they decided to put me on Magnesium Sulfate to calm the contractions and help the babies if they were going to be born. Despite "mag" (as the nurses call it), my dilation went from 2 1/2cm to 4cm at midnight.  An hour later, I was at 5cm - at that point, the doctors were called in because it was likely "go time".  At 3am I was 7cm and the Doctors decided it was time - the nurses began prepping me for surgery while Matt attempted to call my Mom (after several unsuccessful attempts to reach her =).  At around 4:30am, they wheeled me into the OR and numbed me up from the bra line down.  Meanwhile, poor Matt was told to wait in the room we were in until I was ready - 45 minutes of nervous waiting later, he was able to come into the room. The Nurses told Me that Matt was busy moving all our things into a hospital room - which in classic Matt style took him all of 5 minutes. Just as he was heading to the room, my Mom arrived and would be waiting for us when we came out. Our C-section team of 20 Doctors and Nurses ( 8 were working on me, 4 on each of the babies ) was assembled and the babies arrived smoothly.  After we got back to the recovery room, we called the new grandparents and uncles.  Grandma Berrio got to give me a big hug and a kiss while wiping away tears (Grandpa Berrio is still in Spain but is returning next weekend and will get to meet the "little darlings" then).  Nonnie (formerly Grandma Lynda) and Grandpa Mike were overjoyed and Nonnie hopped on a plane up here to see her new grandbabies.  Uncle Andy was excited to hear the news but apparently has a bit of a problem remembering names when he is woken up at 6am (luckily Auntie Carey came to the rescue). Uncle Patty was equally excited and declared that based on their names the kids were soon to be "world powers".

Here are a couple more pics of the awesome new Grandmas
Grandma Berrio, Em & Nonni
Matt, Em & Grandma Berrio
Matt, Em & Nonni

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Week 26: Zucchinis & l are still in the Hospital

This week the babies are as long as large Zucchinis (funny enough our garden is going crazy with zucchinis right now).

Still chillin' in the Hospital. No big changes lately - which is great. For those ladies in the know, the reason I'm still here is that I am 2cm dilated, 90% effaced with -2 station.

Very happy to be at 26 weeks 5 days!

At our last formal ultrasound during week 24 (the day I was admitted) the babies measured:
Snap 1.9lbs
Sweet 1.5lbs
Sugar 1.4 lbs
Those are the sizes of typical singletons at Week 25/26... they're good sized little Barbours, especially Snap. Next ultrasound will be next Wednesday. We check heart rates 3 times a day and they are consistently strong 150's and VERY active little movers.

I was able to see SF's 4th of July fireworks out my window last night. Got my first fresh air since I've been here as they let Matt take me outside in a wheelchair yesterday afternoon.