Thursday, June 13, 2013

11 months old: June 8th, 2013. Choo Choo Wagon

On June 8th Gigi, Eddie & Fina turned 11 months old!

For their first Christmas the babies got a Choo Choo Wagon. 
They're finally ready to use it. We tried it out for the first time and they love it. 

It was a yellow week. We introduced Yellow Squash (The babies like it) and we went into contract to buy a Yellow House in Half Moon Bay (Mom and Dad like that!). 

Fina's two bottom front teeth are working their way in as is one of Eddie's top front.

Eddie & Gigi can Army Crawl. Fina is holding out for traditional crawling and is very close.

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  1. The choo choo looks like lotsa fun. But just when we're sure who is who, the next picture comes up and I have to start all over again. Did you change their seats or their clothes in each picture just to keep us on our toes?
    So wonderful about your Big Yellow House. It's going to be an awesome home for all the Berrio-Barbours. xxxxx