Thursday, June 20, 2013

2 Crawlers, a Clapper, and Pulling to Stand. 49 weeks old June 16, 2013

On Father's Day Serafina, Eddie & Gigi turned 49 weeks old. A very eventful week for everyone!

We enjoyed a day at the park for Dad's first Father's Day.

Eddie learned how to clap on Father's Day (he's still camera shy about it). Impressed by his progress with his head shape, he no longer has to wear his helmet. YAY no more helmet smell!

On Monday Serafina was the first one to crawl. On Wednesday she started pulling up to standing in her crib (she looks a little surprised that she did it).

Possibly inspired by Serafina, Gigi crawled on Tuesday.

New foods have included Cottage Cheese, Eggs (those faces are for eggs) & Peaches.

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  1. Both Edison and Mom & Dad must be really happy about losing that yucky helmet! And Oh just look at Those FACES! Too funny!
    Papa Ray has a hat that speaks to our crawling beauties; it says "Girls Kick Ass".
    But Eddie will be out and about before you know it (ready or not!). This birthday party is going to be a blast!