Thursday, June 20, 2013

2 Crawlers, a Clapper, and Pulling to Stand. 49 weeks old June 16, 2013

On Father's Day Serafina, Eddie & Gigi turned 49 weeks old. A very eventful week for everyone!

We enjoyed a day at the park for Dad's first Father's Day.

Eddie learned how to clap on Father's Day (he's still camera shy about it). Impressed by his progress with his head shape, he no longer has to wear his helmet. YAY no more helmet smell!

On Monday Serafina was the first one to crawl. On Wednesday she started pulling up to standing in her crib (she looks a little surprised that she did it).

Possibly inspired by Serafina, Gigi crawled on Tuesday.

New foods have included Cottage Cheese, Eggs (those faces are for eggs) & Peaches.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

11 months old: June 8th, 2013. Choo Choo Wagon

On June 8th Gigi, Eddie & Fina turned 11 months old!

For their first Christmas the babies got a Choo Choo Wagon. 
They're finally ready to use it. We tried it out for the first time and they love it. 

It was a yellow week. We introduced Yellow Squash (The babies like it) and we went into contract to buy a Yellow House in Half Moon Bay (Mom and Dad like that!). 

Fina's two bottom front teeth are working their way in as is one of Eddie's top front.

Eddie & Gigi can Army Crawl. Fina is holding out for traditional crawling and is very close.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

47 Weeks Old: June 2nd 2013

Edison, Serafina and Gigi turned 47 weeks old on June 2nd.

Bad lighting. Cute poses.
They really love their Remotes (batteries removed of course).
Serafina recently took an interest in being up on all fours. She's a strong little thing and is able to move her arms and shoulders very easily. Definitely a contender now for first to crawl. She can get up to sitting on her own.
Dunno how she can sleep like this but she regularly does.
Watermelon. Ignore that face, she really does like it.
Gigi is practicing away, moving towards being a crawler. She can get up into a pike position and can now get to sitting unassisted and sit for a good long time. Her physical therapist thinks once she can crawling she won't stay there long, she'll be on her way to walking (not too soon we hope).
Right as she sat up the first time. So proud.
Not soo sure about that bite of food.

Edison continues practicing toward crawling, but is getting a little frustrated that it isn't working for him yet. He can get in to a pike position.
Dreaming of a Future Soccer Career?
Just a couple guys in Henleys.
We are still making organic food for the kiddos. Everyone really enjoyed Watermelon. Cauliflower was not a favorite until it was mixed with something sweet like Sweet Potato or Banana. Today we started with Organic Plain Whole Milk Yogurt, it is their first real dairy product. They like it mixed with fruit. We are working up to a cake smash photo shoot one of these days.